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Daniel Vosotas purchased his first hotel in 1981 and founded Trans Inns Management in 1984 as a Michigan based owner/operator of hotel properties. By the late 1990s, Trans Inns had become one of Michigan's largest independent hospitality management companies and has since grown into a national company well structured to develop, acquire and manage across the US.  

Trans Inns over 40
year history includes 67 hotel transactions, both acquisition and new construction, across the United States representing over $1 Billion in todays value. We have built exemplary relationships with premier franchisors, and our experienced management team has successfully navigated numerous business cycles and our properties consistently over-penetrate their market competitors .  

We have a history of superb execution of market opportunities and offer premier reporting capabilities, compelling track record, strong operational and capital markets experience, and a demonstrated ability to maximize value and ROI for owners and investors. 

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To be an entrepreneurial driven enterprise with a family-oriented culture that is intensely competitive, innovative in all aspects of the business, and strives to build and maintain a best-in-class hospitality management platform to maximize investment returns.


  • Generate value through operational discipline while constantly challenging universal best practices

  • Foster strong, long term relationships by building a reputation for dependability, responsibility, and transparency nurture equity partnerships, work with leading franchisors on superior assets, and build a mutually beneficial industry network

  • Create an exceptional guest experience by empowering associates to better serve guests

  • Apply operational intensity and dynamically adjust for economic and market complexities

  • Develop and execute specifically crafted strategies to increase cash flow, protect property value, and maximize profitability

  • Constantly monitor, measure and direct energies accordingly to maintain smooth operations and agilely capitalize on opportunities as they arise

Meet the Team

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